The Story Of BodyFit Physiotherapy Group

Who We Are And How We Started

My name is Alex Blazhevskyiy. I graduated as a physiotherapist in 2004 from AUT. I have since working in private practice in Rotorua and Auckland. My experience includes working with top level sports teams and organisations such as Waitakere United FC, NZ Football, Otahuhu Leopards Rugby League and others. Back in 2009 I decided that it was time to establish and run my own physiotherapy clinic. So i did. It has been great. My client base grew as the word of mouth spread around Howick and East Auckland area. In 2011 I had to expand the practice to be able to match the demand as I really disliked the idea of turning people away. Since then I had 1-2 expert physiotherapists working alongside. They are hand-picked to be absolutely great in their skills, attitude and willingness to learn. I also supervise their professional development to ensure that knowledge and competency stays up and way above standard. I am happy to admit that often their days are more fully booked than mine.


Our Mission Statement

As part of our BodyFit culture we constantly try to deliver more value to you and help you achieve your goals in the desired time frame. We are constantly on a look-out for new breakthroughs in the field of science, physiotherapy and non-invasive medicine to be able to give you the most effective treatment.

Another point of difference is that we actually listen to you and try to understand what you would like to achieve. We involve you in the goal-setting process and keep you an active participant in your rehabilitation process. As mentioned elsewhere back pain is one of our special areas of interest. Our focus at BodyFit is to make your experience with us exceptional: smooth, enjoyable and stress-free right from making your initial booking through being greeted by the reception staff to the treatment room. Both at Howick and Pakuranga clinics the focus is on you and you will always have the final say on what treatment methods we use. You are always in control!

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