Injuries We Help You Fix So You Can Enjoy Life to the Full

Injuries we treat at BodyFit Physiotherapy Pakuranga

Our physiotherapists are trained to detect and effectively address a variety of problems… not only back or neck pain.

It would be very hard to list them all here.

Below you will find a condensed list of injuries we can help you with.

  • Shoulder pain or injuries including rotator cuff problems, bursitis and frozen shoulder;
  • Knee problems including patello-femoral pain, ligament strains, meniscal tears and other knee injuries;
  • Back¬†and neck pain including acute injuries and chronic long-standing pain. We also help you with spinal disc injuries and sciatica;
  • Tennis elbow and other elbow conditions;
  • Hip pain such as tendinopathy and bursitis.


More often than not, you will not know the exact diagnosis for your pain or injury.

So the best thing for you is to book a FREE, no-obligation physiotherapy assessment. So one of our expert physio professionals can tell you if and how we can help you.

Remember, this there is absolutely no obligation on your part. If you would just like to come and have a thorough examination done and then leave it at that – that is absolutely OK with us.

However, if we think we can help you your physiotherapists will offer you the treatment option. Then you are free to decide whether you want to go ahead with treatment with us or not.

Remember , with us you’re always in control!

Call us on 0800 110188 to book your FREE assessment today. Remember, there is usually only limited number of FREE exams available every week. So the sooner you give us a call – the higher the chance we will see you soon.

Alternatively, you can fill in a form on the right-hand side. And one of our friendly reception staff will contact you shortly to book your FREE assessment consult