Service Charges

Please remember about our Personal Guarantee of Outstanding Service. If for whatever reason you are not happy with your treatment or if you don’t think the service received was worth the money you paid for it – you will get a full refund of your consultation fee and the next appointment completely FREE of charge. We pride ourselves on providing you the best of what is available in physiotherapy and we are ready to back our word on that with this Guarantee.

Service Provided Price
Initial Physiotherapy Consultation on ACC $17
Follow-up Physiotherapy Consultation on ACC $12
Home Visit (Initial Consultation on ACC) $51
Home Visit (Follow-up Consultation on ACC) $42
Private Initial Consultation $58
Private Follow-up Consultation $46
Private Extended Follow-up Consultation $58
Home Visit/Private Initial Consultation $112
Home Visit/Private Follow-up Consultation $103
Sports or Deep Tissue Massage 60 min $85
Sports or Deep Tissue Massage 30 min $45

Please note:
*There is a $4 discount off each physio treatment for Community Services Card holders and senior citizens.
*The physiotherapy charges shown above are based on normal treatment session times of 40-45 minutes for an initial consultation and 30 minutes for a follow-up session. The charges for extended treatment session may vary.
*All the charges shown above are inclusive of GST.
*The cost of a Home Physiotherapy Visit may vary depending on the proximity of the location to the clinic.
*Please check our home page frequently for special offers at the BodyFit Physiotherapy Clinic.
*Please note that massage or physiotherapy vouchers are available as per above pricing. Please email us or simply call in to order.

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